At the West Coast Chiropractic Centre, we offer a full range of traditional chiropractic techniques, including animal and sports chiropractic (sports injuries) as well as trigger point therapy(dry needling).


Dr. Angus graduated from the Durban institute of technology in 1996 and has been practicing chiropractic in the Tableview area since 1998. He also specialises in dry needling techniques.


Dr. Broadhurst graduated from the Durban institute of technology in 2003 and has been practising in Tableview since 2005, she also has a post graduate diploma in sports chiropractic from Federation International for Chiropractic Sports FICS). Dr. Broadhurst received her training for animal chiropractic at Options for Animals (Kansas USA). She is certified with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA). For more information about Dr Broadhurst and animal chiropractic visit Animal Chiropractic.


Dr. Angus & Dr. Broadhurst with their dogs, Spanner, Noodle and Face.

Both Dr. Angus and Dr. Broadhurst practice diversified chiropractic, as a new patient you will undergo a full history as well as a full physical examination so as to determine a proper diagnosis for treatment.


We are contracted out of medical aid and therefore are a cash practice. Patients will receive an invoice through which they can send to their respective medical aids to be reimbursed.


Medical Health Centre

13 Pentz Drive


Cape Town

South Africa


021 556 4683


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The Practice

11 Eaton Road


Cape Town

South Africa


021 422 2962


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